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Who we are and what we stand for

We are Carlos Mauricio de Oliveira, LLM and Roberto Haak, LLM. We obtained our Master degree Law & Technology and Dutch Law at the Tilburg University. We offer professional legal aid to everyone who feels that he or she has been treated unjust.

It is not a coincidence that the very first Article of the Dutch constitution regulates the prohibition of discrimination. After the second world war, most countries in Europe agreed that the suppressing of a minority should never happen again. This article gave rise to many legislations that came after.

The prohibition of discrimination is much broader than merely preventing people from being discriminated due to their ethnicity or origin. This Article protects every person that works on Dutch soil against their employer. It protects every citizen that lives in the Netherlands against the government. It prevents parties with more power, money or influence from misusing their dominant position.

Multiple people have been affected more than once by decisions of bigger organizations such as companies, government organizations, and tax authorities. We intend to create a more righteous world by offering professional legal aid.






What we do

How we work

  • You call us or sent us an email.

  • After that, the first intake takes place. This is entirely free of charge. During this conversation we will listen to your issue and we will provide you with a short advice.

  • We work on a transparent meaner. We will give you a clear answer so you know what to expect.

  • Depending on the type of issue, we can provide you with a more extensive advice, write a notice of objection, go to court, or negotiate with your employer.

  • If we decide to help you, we will ask you to provide evidence that proves your case.

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