Governmental compensation is not the same
as a monetary compensation in civil cases

A victim of – for example – a car accident has the right to be fully compensated for the damage that he or she suffered. If the victim of a car accident cannot longer work because of the accident, his missed income should be fully compensated by the perpetrator.

However, a governmental compensation is an assistance provided by the government. This happens often when the government takes certain measures which affects a small group of people.

During the pandemic lockdown, companies had to close and because of that companies suffered a loss of income. Due to that companies received a compensation from the government.

This compensation aimed at reducing the effects of the lockdown. However, it didn’t aim at compensating an undertaker entirely, although undertakers were obliged to close their companies and didn’t have an income. The same applies with the current help that the government wants to provide due the high energy costs as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The difference with a civil compensation, however, is that a governmental compensation is not a fully compensations and hence it is always lower than civil compensations. This does not mean that governmental compensations can always be held too low. In this case lawyers van investigate whether the given compensation is reasonable.

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